Pin Puck Version 1.3 Out Now!

Version 1.3 is out now!

It's been a while since the last major update but finally at long last version 1.3 is available. Take a look at the brand new trailer showing off loads of the game's content in version 1.3:

What's New:

  • Single-Player Target Smash Mode
    • Pin Puck finally has a full single-player mode to enjoy!
    • It's launching with 8 maps of varying difficulty but more in development for future updates.
    • Race against the clock to destroy all the targets as fast as possible.
    • Earn medals for achieving good times.
  • Other Updates
    • The main music is now much longer and more intense to accompany your fierce battles.
    • Readability of the menus and scoreboard have increased.
    • Edge Continuation on Centre Square was removed.
    • Goals were modified slightly on Highway.
    • 'Play' and 'Back' button locations were swapped in to increase the menu readability and flow.
    • The map Regular has been renamed Classic.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Edge continuation should no longer cause players to be trapped off screen.
    • Matches should now correctly end when the start button is held down for 1 second.
    • Debug Camera is now off by default, but can be turned on by pressing the U key on a connected keyboard.

I'm continuing to work on pin Puck and have several major and minor updates planned, so keep up to date via my Twitter, YouTube and pages to get new information as it becomes available. If you have any ideas for things you would like to see in these updates then I would love to hear them in the comments of this post so I can incorporate things that everyone enjoys.

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