Pin Puck Version 1.1

Version 1.1 is out now!

I've had a blast working on Pin Puck's first major update over the past 2 weeks. This update includes some bug fixes for some sneaky bugs that snuck through release, as well as loads of new content. An experimental Linux build in also now available, which I would love feedback on from anyone running Linux.

What's New:

  • Experimental Linux Build Support
  • 7 Brand New Arenas:
    • Centre Square
    • Damaged
    • Highway
    • Borderless
    • Castle
    • Ring
    • Cut Court
  • 2 New Main Mechanics:
    • Edge continuation: Allows you to exit the screen at the bottom and re-appear at the top.
    • Bouncy Walls: The Puck will bounce off these special walls at a much higher speed.
  • Practice Mode:
    • Allows you to play with only a single player joined.
    • Great place to practice your flicks and combos.
    • Pressing  select/options/view  while waiting for more players to join will initiate practice mode.

I have plans for more content updates in the future including new maps, major mechanics and modes so follow me on itch or Twitter to keep up to date.


Pin Puck Windows v1.1 24 MB
Aug 24, 2019
Pin Puck OSX v1.1 40 MB
Aug 24, 2019
Pin Puck Linux v1.1 Experimental 28 MB
Aug 24, 2019

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