Pin Puck Version 1.2 + HTML5 Support

Version 1.2 is out now!

This new version contains a few new features to make the game more accessible. This includes browser support, a tutorial and a heap of bug fixes amongst other things.

What's New:

  • Embedded HTML5 version
    • You can now play Pin Puck directly through your browser on the game page!
  • Tutorial Mode:
    • Teaches new players the basics of movement, puck control and scoring.
    • Supports up to 4 concurrent players.
  • New Music:
    • I put together a new track for the tutorial and I'm working on more for future updates too.

I have plans for more content updates in the future including new maps, major mechanics and modes so follow me on itch or Twitter to keep up to date.
I would also love to hear some feedback on the new update or any ideas you might have for future updates too, so leave a comment here or tweet at me on Twitter with your thoughts.


Pin Puck WebGL V1.2 9 MB
Sep 01, 2019
Pin Puck Windows v1.2 23 MB
Sep 01, 2019
Pin Puck OSX v1.2 39 MB
Sep 01, 2019
Pin Puck Linux v1.2 23 MB
Sep 01, 2019

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