Pin Puck is out now!

Pin Puck is out!
I guess I had better explain a bit about it then...

What is Pin Puck:

Pin Puck is a local multiplayer game, inspired by ice hockey. You play as a 'pin' with the goal of sinking the puck into your opponent's goals. It sounds simple, until you see the pins you play as:

"How am I supposed to play hockey with this???" - Bamboozled Stranger
Well i must admit, at the start it is a little difficult. The primary strategy is to scoop the puck into the curves on the side of the pin, and then fling the puck out with a swift spin. This takes some time to get used to, but is incredibly satisfying to master.

The game contains a few different maps that are a little experimental. Most of them become somewhat overcrowded with more than 2 people, but they're still a fun to play. Originally I had planned for there to be only one map in the game but I had a couple ideas so I threw them together and added them in.

How it was made:

Pin Puck started as a little experiment in Unity. I wanted to start playing around with 2D in Unity after having a few years experience in GameMaker. I hadn't used Unity much and knew no C#, but decided that I would make a little game to learn the ropes. I threw in a little asteroids-like arrow player and wrote a movement script for it. It was at that point that I decided to throw in a ball for fun. And fun it was. After some collaborative brainstorming with some test subjects (my family) I reshaped the player and threw in some goals. Originally the goals were against the walls, but after some mucking around I moved them forward to allow players to scoop the ball around the back of the goals. I again tested the game with family and after a colour swap and some music from Gus, the game was complete.

I recommend others to take the same approach to learning a new game development engine or even just game development in general. Just play around a little and let the learning start to sculpt your game.

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